Apps and Coaches

What is a “coach”?

For someone going to school I think a “coach” still fits the tried and true. You meet almost everyday and the coach tells you what to do… A coach can be at really any age but I think there are quite a few variations on what someone might call a “coach”.

There’s the youth coach for kids. Runners meet a few times a week for a “season” and have a number of events. These are definitely “team” oriented.

There’s the young adult coach in college, probably the largest group of “almost pro’s” out there. More intense, also “team” related.

There are the Olympians that are in just another class and basically spend their lives training…

Then there’s the “old people” that don’t have time for regular training sessions but need guidance. There are dozens of “Apps” out there. I’m currently using Training Peaks and have used Final Surge. I prefer Training Peaks in conjunction with a “Coach Training Plan”. What is missing is the discussion with someone on the quality of workouts, training solo can feel like a grind sometimes.